Vera Wang, Heritage Tact

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Vera Wang is one of the most celebrated wedding dress names today. The build of the brand and the legendary woman behind takes decades. Today, it is widely known that the Wedding Dress Queen started her career in skating, then in Vogue as an editor, and finally in garment design after age 40. An unconventional woman now, Vera had spent her early years in the conventional manners. How she spent her early years stays with history; one may find traces in the numerous reportages on her. In 2018, she is an icon of women and their dreams. She came from the minority backgrounds that have enthralled many. She is dating a hot man decades of her junior. She is rich and powerful. Her paparazzi charm defies age. The iconoclast Vera Wang showed women that they could be that much as they age. Newspaper always say that her wedding dresses realised women’s dreams for a perfect marriage. The designer herself has even leveraged the PR power to the hilt, making herself and the brand the dream of women.



Vera Wang 2019 SS Collection

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Many may not know, but should intuitively understand, the brand has close ties with Chinese market. Playing her Chinese heritage in the way that Chinese appreciate, Vera Wang has always kept eyes in the fast-growing luxury market. Not only have Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump had worn her dresses to walk down the aisle, Chinese stars like Yao Chen, the wife of Zhang Zhen, have also courted the brand.



I had the fortune to be invited for the S/S 2015 show at Ritz-Carton in Shenzhen. The show labeled itself “Inheritance of Traditions”, although the design was modern and Western. Set in a dreamy and luxurious frame, the show casted lightweight ladies graciously carrying similarly light wedding dresses. There were cakes, candies, and macaron in wedding dress shapes. The show itself replicated the sweet dream of many women: wearing Vera Wang, tasting French candies, and marrying her Prince Charming under the lime lights of paparazzi.

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