About Zhu

Hello this is Zhu.

I write about my travel journeys around the world. If it offers you some past-time read and make you know a bit (in-depth) of the various cultures, subcultures, and historical recants, that would be my honour. Many people know me by my work on the Middle East.

I had the fortune to have lived and travelled to many different countries at a relatively young age, partially due to a privilege that many lacked. As I travelled more, I realised how the world’s socio-economic system shaped our fortune and misfortune, thus perpetuating the glorification of certain cultures and neglect or demonisation of some others. If my contents galvanise you to travel for a cause, it is an extra piece.

I am an economic professional and film professional in my days. My professional pieces can be found on zhuoruifu.com. I am also a dog and cat mum. Books, sports, nature, peace, languages, and people that love me are among the things that soothe me.

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