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Zhuorui Fu, 傅卓蕊, @1995, is based in New York. She also resides in London and Paris, Tehran, a few months a year. Born in the East and educated in the West, she specialises on the contents of the Middle East, especially Iran. She’s currently based in China because of the virus.

She focuses on bridging conversations, showcasing under-appreciated cultures, doing meaningful projects that give back to communities.

Zhu loves natural things and abhors excessive contours and accessories. She has farmed in Denmark, volunteered in Morocco, interned at Citigroup IBD in London, partied in Israel, bungeed at the world’s highest in Macau,  surfed in Jamaica, was invited to fashion week in Japan, hiked 22km in Norway, motorbiked through Mexico City, etc. Her work is featured in CNBC, CCTV, Mahan Air Magazine, We Are Travel Girls, That’s PRD, etc.

She is a fortunate trilinguist in English, Chinese, and French.

Zhu went to the University of St Andrews, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Pennsylvania.

She has been to the lesser parts but enjoys the finer things in life.

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Zhu The Girl exists to connect cultures, especially those that are under-discovered.

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