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Temper Takes Five With… Shenzhen-Born, NYC-Based Fashion Globetrotter Zhuorui Fu

Read my original interview with Temper Magazine here.


Author: Elsbeth Van Paridon

“Global trade wars and bipolar political standings aside, I generally see the new Made In China tag as a positive and trending contribution in terms of style and the diversity of the boutique scene around the world.” Fashion voyager Zhuorui Fu

“Temper Takes Five With…” presents a brand spankin’ new interview quickie that leaves behind all the lovey-dovey mussy fussy and gets straight up down and dirty in five takes. One artist/innovator/inspiration at a time. Next up in our series, we have timezone traveler, fashion writer, newly hatched entrepreneur and Temper tiger Zhuorui Fu. The clock is ticking!

Take 1! Zhuorui Fu in a nutshell: Chinese, globetrotter, international fashion writer and now ticking off that “entrepreneur” box on the bucket list… What sparked a) your international journey (re: YouTube) and b) that fashionable fire within?

Fu: Well, first off, I am a traveler. I have had the good fortune of being able to visit many places in the world, but in all honesty I think for me, it’s very important to contribute to the community. I have within myself Chinese, UK, U.S. and French elements — because I live/ have lived there, went to school there, have friends there, blah blah blah [chuckles] — and I truly admire the good parts of each and every one of those cultures. I first and foremost try to contribute to the communities in which I find myself at any given point in time.

My global journey stems from the sheer sense of curiosity — I was craving to see more of the world when I was younger, ergo… The good thing is that once you see more of the world, you grow much more sympathetic towards the human race at large, as well as gain a more in-depth understanding of different societies. The negative thing is that I may have grown a tad too transcendentalist and have gotten slightly tired of traveling — which for me at this point is more of an exhaustion than an excitement. This is of course a very prejudiced, spoiled and unfair view — I know, I know. [insert wink]

Fashionable fire comes from style. From a young age onwards, I have consistently been  trying to add some elements to how I present myself by wearing little accessories that set me apart from the crowd. I just don’t want to exude “conformity”! Nevertheless, I’m not one to go all out when it comes to my appearance. [There is indeed a very fine line between looking edgy and full-fledged court jester; just watch any random Fashion Week attendee line-up. Getting off that Temper soapbox now — we know, we know.]


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