Interview with Nom A Definir – The Parisian Creative Collective

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During Gilet Jaune movement, Zhu The Girl Studio received an invitation to view the project work of Nom A Definir. Zhu was not in Paris at the time, so ZTG staff member Ying caught up with the founders of fashion collective Nom A Definir (@nom_a_definir). NAD gathered the good work of 5 leading French designers. The 5 designers all had their niche and excel at doing sustainable, edge-cutting, clean-cut designs. Ying interviewed the spokesman and one of the designers, one of 20 Maison de Mode Top designers accoladed by the French government, Yannic Hong (@yannic_hong_official), whose own brand has also sold among Bon Marche Rive Gauche (Zhu’s favourite).

Nom A Définir fashion French collective

1.C’est quoi est Nom A Définir? What differentiates you guys from existing brands

We are Nom A Définir, a platform that gathered 5 brands of our own. Five of us are coming from designing academies and have been supported by French government. Before Paris, we held pop stores in Toyko and etc.

Well, instead of calling it a brand, I would rather call it a platform to gather those brilliant and unique designs. We established this platform as five but we still are looking forward to discover and to absorb more intelligence to our team. I would say nowadays, lowering the threshold, the so called “niche designers” or “indie designers” emerge like mushrooms after spring rain. Of course there are a lot difference between “scholar” and “amateur”. I believed that the price we have set for our designs are definitely fair and worthy. Maybe more than fair and worthy, mostly they are between 200-2000 euros.

2.Do you have some specific target customers? What about fixed styles?

I don’t think we have specific target customers. If there has to be some target, I would say for some cool people who really appreciate designs and get their own idea about style. You know, especially in Europe, people don’t care about brands and really got their own idea even for the old generation.

Similarly, I don’t think we have a fixed styles, actually it could be a forbidden zone for designers. Having a fixed styles restrains our imagination to design. But we do have some symbolic features. For me (Yannic Hong), it’s “sustainable fashion”. The fabrics are imported from Japan and all of them are recyclable. For those buttons on the our designing, they are made of real shells.

Nom A Définir Fashion French Emerging brand

3. The biggest difficulty you have experience during the establishing process? How about the future?

Well, not really. We did not establish this platform in a dramatic way. So temporarily, we do not have some big issues to remember. If it has to say, maybe this strike (Gilet Jaune). The performance of Pop-store in Paris these days is not as good as our expectation due to the strike and this rainy weather. The volume of customers are pretty much until the strike. We don’t have a specific target just want to keep it going. Maybe one day, you can see us in the fashion week.

Nom A Définir Fashion Brand Emerging

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